Definitely not a band.

I mean, there's only two of them...
who ever made a band with two people?

Scroll down for some unsatisfactory answers.

"Real deep stuff.

If there's hell, purgatory and the blues,
then these guys are under a lot of pressure."

Give in to the bruder.

"Brother bands are the thing nowadays; good thing these guys ain't related.

Thinking about it, though, I ain't even sure
if the guitarist isn't woman?"

"Sometimes at their gigs the girls scream so loud
I can't hear myself chatting them up."


Well, which is it?

Are you telling the blues to rock? Be clearer for goodness sake.
I'm confused and loving it."

If you click this,

you will have an accident.

Sound good?

"The second track keeps thinking it's track five.
I said, "whatever makes you happy you massive fake."

"61", by Crainer's Hill - now available to buy from every Walmart and Woolworths. Go in the back and ask for Jeff.

"Just two guys

and buckets of room
for improvement."

This picture moves
all by itself.

don't just sit there, click it.

"I saw them at my local train station. They were getting on a train.
I thought, that's so blues-rock. Then they got off again and left.
I thought, that's so blues-rock."

"They defy genres;
that's so blues-rock."

"The next big thing?

That's what they said about the Big Bang, but after a year everyone forgot about it. But it was f****ng bright I'll give it that."